Introducing a new technology that converts heat to electricity with breakthrough performance using semiconductor chips

Our modular semiconductor chips can generate electricity using 45% less heat than traditional systems. Our advantage in solid state design, scaleability, miniaturization, and power density has the potential to create revolutionary products for many markets.

Market Applications

The three segments of MTPV's initial focus are waste heat conversion, solar power and, portable power:

Waste heat conversion:  A line of products that can be used in industrial environments for converting waste heat to electricity.  In addition to creating electricity for either sale or use, this process can also become a source for reducing the amount and temperature of vented waste heat and emissions from the industrial plant process.

Solar: Manufacturing MTPV solar devices that can enhance the current economics of concentrated solar by increasing efficiency, power output and providing a solution for 7x24 electrical production. 

Portable power: Creating a new breed of portable power solutions that look and work like traditional batteries, but are smaller, lighter and use disposable fuel cartridges to create electricity.


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