Building The Team

As one of the new recruits, I am very pleased to share the addition of some new faces to MTPV’s sites in Medford, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas. Our newest full-time employees include a Materials Engineer, an Electrical Engineer and an Assembly Technician. In addition to these employees we have three new co-op/interns who also joined us, two who will be with us from July-December 2017, and one who was with us for the duration of this summer.

Natalie began her time at MTPV as an intern in the summer of 2016. She cheerfully accepted an offer for a full-time position as a Materials Engineer for the following year. What she appreciates most about MTPV is the “multi-faceted approach to problem solving” which piqued her interest when ultimately deciding where she wanted to begin her professional career. She hopes that she can utilize her time at MTPV to broaden her knowledge of waste heat and further her career into the materials and energy sector.

Andrew also previously interned at MTPV and is now a full-time employee. He began a four-month internship in October 2016, and after a brief leave of absence in the winter to complete college coursework, he joined the MTPV team full-time in May 2017 as an Assembly Technician. He noted his appreciation for how “helpful and willing everyone in the office was” which is something innate to MTPV. Andrew also expressed admiration for the company’s advancements in the clean energy sector, the company culture at MTPV, and stated that “everyone is very helpful and really made me feel welcome from day one.”

[MTPV Medford additions: Terence, Andrew, Natalie & Jason]


Unlike Andrew and Natalie our newest full-time hire, Mark, did not began at MTPV as an intern. Mark is an Electrical Engineer at MTPV who works on blade, balance of systems, and control systems design & development. When asked what he particularly enjoyed most about MTPV, he mentioned how he was excited to be “working at a company that has the funding and the vision to create an industry changing product in the waste heat market.” Mark makes a great point , because that is something that excites everyone at MTPV – the ability to leave an impact in the clean energy industry is truly exciting. Mark also mentioned how he appreciated how the team are ‘all hands on deck’, a company culture innate to MTPV that pushes us forward.

[MTPV Austin additions: Mark & Adam]


MTPV is also excited to announce the hiring of two co-ops, Jason, and myself, who will be with MTPV from July – December 2017. Jason is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Northeastern University. He will be utilizing his CAD expertise to assist the engineering team in the creation of virtual models and drawings of parts and assemblies. He noted his enthusiasm about “the increased responsibility to participate in the design process” compared to previous internships where he primarily assisted design revisions and testing. Jason frequently operates alongside the Mechanical Engineers at MTPV, and is excited to help design and build a variety of test fixtures and prototypes in the near future.

Like Jason, I am a Fourth-Year student at Northeastern University, but am majoring in Business with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I am working in our marketing department to bolster the visibility of MTPV’s brand, and am excited to market such innovative technology that will surely leave an impact in the clean energy industry. Working alongside the VP of Product, I hope to add innovative ideas to MTPV’s clean energy marketing campaigns and utilize my business background and experience in social media trends to really push MTPV’s brand forward.

In addition to our new co-ops we also have an intern who has been with us this summer, Adam. A Physics, Mathematics and English major at Tulane University, Adam’s efforts have been researched orientated, focused on the advancement of MTPV’s second generation technology. When asked what was the most appealing to Adam when considering interning at MTPV, he said that he was excited to get involved in the clean energy sector, particularly in a small company, where the team is friendly and helpful.

It is clear that MTPV is excited about bringing these talented individuals on board. I’m sure that together our innovative minds will help MTPV continue its rapid upward trajectory.

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