What does MTPV do?

MTPV creates semiconductor chips that convert heat directly into electricity. Much like solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, MTPV’s EBLADE™ Power Platform converts any source of heat into electricity with breakthrough efficiency and power.

What impact do you expect MTPV to have on the energy world?

MTPV generates electric power from a free waste source thus reducing CO2 and thermal emissions, so we help industries become more efficient while improving their environmental footprint. Up to 60% of the energy expended in the world today is emitted in the form of waste heat. As such, waste heat is a vast and largely untapped energy resource. MTPV’s approach taps that huge energy pool to produce clean electric power with no CO2 emissions while reducing the temperature of waste heat emissions.

What does MTPV stand for?

MTPV stands for Micron-gap ThermoPhotoVoltaics.

What does your product look like?

The EBLADE Power Platform can be seen HERE >>

Can I buy your product and how much does it cost?

The EBLADE™ Power Platform is in customer pilot phase with plans to be commercially available in 2018. Pricing details will be available at that time.

At what lab/university was MTPV founded?

The initial research on harnessing the near-field effect using the MTPV approach was made by our founder Bob DiMatteo in the labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This work was further refined at Draper Laboratory prior to the formation of MTPV Power Corporation.


How does your technology work?

The MTPV design forms an incredibly small and even gap (about 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair) between two surfaces, one extremely hot (up to 1400°C / 2550°F), and the other at or below room temperature. Our ability to operate in this extreme state enables us to generate far more power than other chip based solutions – delivering a state-state power generator with essentially no moving parts.

How does MTPV compare to other clean-tech/renewable power solutions?

When using waste heat as the energy source the MTPV EBLADE Power Platform is a 100% clean, carbon free power source that also reduces the temperature of industrial thermal emissions thereby positively impacting climate change on multiple dimensions. Compared to traditional solar PV solutions, the MTPV solution can generate power consistently 24×7 without concern for day/night cycles or weather impacts. Compared to traditional heat engines (Organic Rankine Cycle or Stirling Engine) the MTPV solution is mechanically simple with few moving parts for high reliability and uptime. Compared to ThermoElectric and ThermoPhotoVoltaic offerings, the MTPV solution can generate a significantly higher level of power.

What is unique about your approach?

The breakthrough that MTPV is pioneering is in the mechanism of harnessing the nearfield effect using nano-scale devices to capture photonic energy with a photovoltaic cell. This approach was invented by our founder Bob DiMatteo.

How is MTPV technology different from a thermoelectric generator?

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a solid-state device that converts the temperature differences between two different materials directly into electrical energy through a phenomenon called the Seebeck effect. While both a TEG and an MTPV device are solid state electric generators, the process by which power is generated is completely different. Compared to MTPV, TEG typically operates in much lower temperature environments and generates a fraction of the power. With no gap – hot & cold side direct contact => they degrade in high temps; we can uniquely access way higher temps therefore higher energy densities because of the gap.

How does MTPV technology compare to TPV?

ThermoPhotoVoltaic (TPV) devices consist of a heated body which radiates electromagnetic energy across a gap onto a photovoltaic device, converting the radiant power into electrical power. The amount of power generated from a given TPV device area is constrained by the temperature of the hot side of the device and generally requires very high temperatures thereby creating barriers to its practical use. By contrast, Micron-gap TPV (MTPV) provides a significant breakthrough in power source technology – transferring more power between the emitter and receiver by reducing the size of the gap between them. By employing a submicron gap (less than one millionth of a meter), the achievable power density for MTPV can be increased approximately ten times compared to conventional TPV.

Deploying the MTPV solution

How will you gain access to industrial waste heat?

MTPV is partnered with some of the largest players in global oil & gas, glass and steel production to ensure access to high quality industrial heat when this groundbreaking new technology is introduced to the marketplace.

What temperature do you operate in?

The EBLADE™ Power Platform can be deployed in temperatures of up to 1400° Celsius (2552° Fahrenheit).

What markets are you targeting?

MTPV’s initial target markets are in high quality industrial waste heat environments including oil & gas processing, glass and steel furnaces, cement kilns, chemical manufacturing, thermal oxidizing and landfill/biomass flaring.

Company Information

Do you have IP protection?

MTPV Power Corporation holds the fundamental patents to the MTPV concept as well as 84 patents awarded and pending worldwide regarding the application of the MTPV effect in the generation of electric power. We also have more than 50 intellectual property disclosures in support of our ongoing research and development initiatives.

Who are your investors?

Our investors include Spinnaker Capital, Lake Bridge Capital, Applied Materials, SABIC, Total Energy Ventures, Ensys Capital, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Clean Energy Venture Group. These investors bring MTPV a wealth of experience in clean energy venture capital investing, oil & gas, steel, petrochemicals and semiconductors.

How do I learn more about MTPV?

Keep up to date with MTPV’s latest activities in the following ways: