Building Blocks of Industry

To deliver the basic building blocks for manufacturing and agriculture, the Cchemical industry uses the second most energy of any group in the industrial sector to make over 70,000 different products. While many industrial chemical production processes run at relatively low temperatures, high temperatures are used to catalyze processes and are also produced as a result of exothermic reactions.

petrochemical cracking process
thermal phosphatic fertilizer process
of all industrial energy consumption

Target Processes

The chemical product lines with the most potential for heat to energy recovery include

  1. Petrochemicals, cyclic crudes and intermediates
  2. Industrial gases
  3. Alkalies and chlorine
  4. Plastic materials
  5. Synthetic rubber
  6. Synthetic organic fibers
  7. Agricultural chemicals

With such a variety of products and processes, MTPV recommends that you contact our product experts to see how the MTPV EBLADE™ Power Platform could integrate into your environment.