From Trash to Treasure

Growing prosperity and urbanization are leading to rapid growth in the volume of municipal solid waste. Worldwide, 1.3 billion tons of waste is either disposed of in landfills, open dumps, by incineration or recycled annually. Significantly, the volume of municipal solid waste is projected to double to 2.6 billion tons by 2025.

1.3B tons municipal solid waste - 2015
2.6B tons municipal solid waste - 2025

The world deals with its trash in very different ways. In the Americas, a significant majority of waste ends up in landfills where landfill gasses can be tapped for energy conversion. Larger U.S. landfill sites are required to flare off gasses for health and safety reasons, resulting in more active landfill flares in the U.S. than in the rest of world combined.

In The Process Flow

Process heat is accessible either at landfill gas (LFG) flares or by deploying an MTPV combustion chamber optimized to burn higher volume gas flows.

MTPV’s EBLADE Power Platform provides a low risk, low complexity solution to waste heat recovery in the waste industry.

  1. Temperature range from landfill gas flares is in the ideal range for our first generation product
  2. Where higher gas volumes are available, an MTPV combustion chamber provides optimal performance
  3. Solid state design results in high uptime for continuous operations
  4. Small form factor means easy retrofits into existing flaring infrastructure with minimal interruption

Environmental Impact

When organic waste decomposes in a landfill, naturally occurring gasses are released – predominantly methane and carbon dioxide. These are not only potent greenhouse gasses but also have both health and safety concerns. In some cases there is sufficient gas available to fuel a power generator, alternatively, flares are deployed to complete the destruction of the landfill gas. With MTPV’s EBLADE™ Power Platform the waste heat energy from flares, or the heat produced in a dedicated MTPV combustion chamber, can produce clean, reliable electric power.