Global Energy Recovery Potential

During mining operations, and oil & gas exploration, production, and processing it is typical for natural gas to come to the surface along with the extracted product. Ideally all of this natural gas would be captured and used for fuel, either at the production site or after being transported elsewhere. Oftentimes however – whether due to a lack of natural gas infrastructure or due to routine maintenance and safety reasons – that natural gas is flared off.

150B m³ global gas flared annually
$16B lost value
> 1/3 of EU consumption

In The Process Flow

The first opportunity to harness the energy released by flaring is found at the natural resource extraction site. Extraction sites are frequently in remote locations with limited infrastructure, with many using diesel generators for power, thus making them ideal candidates for MTPV’s solution. Additional flaring points in the process where the MTPV solution can be deployed at oil & gas processing plants.

The MTPV EBLADE™ Power Platform integrates seamlessly into existing oil, gas and mining processes and is well matched to the attributes and demands of extractive industries.

  1. Temperature range from gas flares is in the ideal range for our first generation technology
  2. Solid state design results in high uptime for continuous operations
  3. Avoid ongoing costs of routine maintenance and diesel supply to remote locations
  4. Small form factor means they can be easily retrofitted into existing flaring infrastructure

Environmental Impact

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and released unburned into the environment its Global Warming Potential is 25 times greater than the CO2 released by burning it. When flaring is necessary, recapturing the thermal energy generated is a significant advancement.

“We have the ambition to continuously improve our operations and promote a better use of energy. MTPV is developing disruptive additions to the currently available waste heat recovery solutions which could significantly contribute to energy efficiency and cost reduction efforts of the industry in mid-term future.”
– Francois Badoual, CEO of Total Energy Ventures