A Major Global Energy User

Iron and steel production consumes 10% of all industrial sector energy. As energy is such a major element in steel production, accounting for up 40% of product cost, improving energy recovery increases competitiveness, reducing production costs. Whether producing steel from raw materials in a blast furnace / basic oxygen furnace process or recycling steel in an electric arc furnace, vast quantities of heat are used to transform materials into a finished product.

75% of global steel production uses
850000BTUs per tonin BF/BOF process

Why Capture Steel Heat?

Roughly 1 quadrillion BTUs of heat are lost in the production of steel each year.

1,000,000,000,000 BTUs

We see that as a lot of reasons to pursue energy recovery in the steel production process.

Recovering Process and Residual Heat

Process heat is accessible at multiple stages in the steel production, at furnace flues and in the product flow following the rolling process.

The MTPV EBLADE™ Power Platform integrates seamlessly into existing steel production processes and is well matched to the attributes and demands of the industry.

  1. Temperature range from waste gas in exhaust flues is in the ideal range for our first generation technology
  2. Solid state design results in high uptime for continuous operations
  3. Small form factor means they can be easily retrofitted into existing process infrastructure without interruption
  4. Ability to capture energy from hot material in transit provides access to an additional energy pool

“MTPV’s ability to convert waste heat from industrial processes into clean electric power will provide a real competitive advantage for companies while also assisting them meet their sustainability goals.” – John Wei, Investment Manager, SABIC