MTPV Power Corporation Appoints Leading Experts to Newly Formed Board of Advisors

Distinguished Panel Provides Broad Insight to Keep MTPV on the Leading Edge of Heat-to-Power Advances

Austin, TX APRIL 25, 2017 MTPV Power Corporation, a clean energy company that converts waste heat to electricity using semiconductor chips, today announced the appointment of five widely respected industry experts to its newly formed Board of Advisors.

MTPV’s Board of Advisors will serve as a strategic panel providing independent advice and recommendations on science, technology and business initiatives, assuring that MTPV’s research and development investments maintain a clear focus on technical quality and embrace leading edge energy innovation emerging from external academic, research, and commercial laboratories in addition to MTPV developed advances.

“We are honored to have five leading experts in the field of materials, energy and semiconductors join our Board of Advisors,” said David Mather, President and CEO of MTPV. “The insight and experience that these highly accomplished individuals bring will advance our ability to redefine the world’s energy equation, advancing clean electric power generation for the global community.”

Composed of eminent academics, scientists, and business leaders who have made significant contributions to the advancement of their field, the diverse membership of the Board reflects the breadth of MTPV’s scientific and technological interests. The Board is co-chaired by MTPV founder, Bob DiMatteo, and MTPV’s VP of Product & Business Development, Brian Hubert.

“The Board of Advisors will help MTPV continue to develop and build upon the most significant advances in clean electric power generation world-wide,” said Bob DiMatteo, Board of Advisors co-Chair and member of MTPV’s Board of Directors.

The initial Board of Advisors is comprised of the following members: –

Clifton Fonstad, Ph.D.
Vitesse Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clifton Fonstad has been a faculty member at MIT for more than 40 years, and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in semiconductor devices and technology. He is the Vitesse Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Shaffiq Jaffer, Ph.D.
VP of Corporate Science and Technology Projects
Total S.A.
Shaffiq Jaffer is the Vice President of Corporate Science and Technology Projects for Total S.A. in North America, with the mission to find novel ideas and technologies across the research community: academia, government including defense research organizations and private research companies, that will lead to breakthroughs in energy (production, conservation, efficiency), materials (PV, Catalysts, biomaterials) and manufacturing processes.

Clark Jernigan
VUV Analytics Inc.
Clark Jernigan is the CEO of VUV Analytics, the leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy and has a successful track record in leading and developing early stage ventures, specializing in hardware, clean tech, and technology service companies.

Rakesh R Kapoor, Ph.D.
General Manager
Materials Outovation LLC
Rakesh Kapoor incubates and grows profitable businesses relying on innovation in materials technologies. He has served as a global executive at a Fortune 100 company successfully delivering with positions in R&D, manufacturing, global sales and marketing, corporate venturing, and in acquisitions. Most recently, as business head for Saint-Gobain Engineered Ceramics, he turned around a set of mature businesses relying on materials innovations, customer co-development and galvanizing international teams. He is currently helping a several organizations meet their needs in materials innovation.

Sam Kogan, Ph.D.
Gen5 Group
Sam Kogan is CEO of GEN5 Group, a leading provider of innovation consulting services and the CEO of Powermers, a venture-based company that is developing new technologies to enhance performance of various energy storage and energy producing devices.

About MTPV Power Corporation
MTPV creates semiconductor chips that convert heat directly into electricity. Much like a solar panel will convert sunlight into electricity, MTPV chips are able to convert any source of heat into electricity with breakthrough efficiency and power. For more information, visit: and connect with MTPV on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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