A Complete Solution

The EBLADE™ Power Platform is a comprehensive solution for power generation that consists of three major components.

EBLADE Power Core

EBLADE Platform Manager


The compact form factor of the technology provides great flexibility in deployment location and allows for multiple EBLADE Power Cores to be configured in an array to achieve scalable power output.

20+ year system life
0 carbon waste

Forthcoming MTPV products will target temperatures in the 100°C to 600°C range. If your temperatures fall within this range then please contact us for further information.

At the Core

The EBLADE™ Power Core is the heart of the EBLADE Power Platform, housing an array of solid state MPTV engines within each enclosure that convert your waste heat into electricity.

Manage & Monitor Remotely

The EBLADE™ Platform Manager provides complete systems management, monitoring and reporting and tracks all key system components. With automation scripting capabilities, it allows the user to establish custom parameters for a ‘sense and respond’ operating model.

A Seamless Experience

We make the implementation of the EBLADE™ Power Platform a seamless experience with a broad set of services offerings to ensure that your project is a complete success.


Advisory Consulting
Align objectives, analyze alternatives and develop an overarching plan for heat energy recovery.

Site Inspection and Preparation
Determine optimum placement of critical infrastructure; project plan development.

Installation and test of the EBLADE™ Power Platform; integration of the EBLADE™ Platform Manager control system with site SCADA systems.

Managed Services
Ongoing monitoring and management of the EBLADE™ Power Platform.

Maintenance & Upgrades
Routine system maintenance and mid-lifecycle power enhancement upgrades.

Professional, certified repair services.

Energy Generation Services
Flexible financial programs to meet your needs.

Custom Design & Manufacturing
When standard solutions do not apply, MTPV™ works with you to tailor the design.

More Services Information

Our success is measured in the realization of client objectives through completed infrastructure installation, ongoing systems management and services delivery resulting in reliable power generation and heat emissions reduction.