Our client services organization can help you at every stage of the EBLADE™ Power Platform lifecycle and get to energy generation services in no time. Let MTPV™ make the implementation of your EBLADE™ Power Platform a complete success by leveraging our extensive experience in a broad range of high temperature industrial operations. We know that your processes are running almost 24×7, and we work with your site management to get our clean energy technology solutions deployed with minimum interruption, space, or time demands. Our experienced staff is ready to work with you on a safe and successful energy generating project.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Energy Efficiency Advisory Service: The ideal starting point in understanding the energy efficiency opportunities available via waste heat recovery. MTPV's consultants deliver an industry tailored workshop to clarify the emerging waste heat to power opportunities that are now available due to advances in semiconductor-based energy recovery technologies.

Site Energy Recovery Consulting: In this client site specific consulting engagement MTPV works with your plant management and energy management teams to align objectives, analyze alternatives and develop a specific set of recommendations and topline plan to enhance energy usage management and energy efficiency.

Installation Services

Site Inspection, Preparation, & Project Planning: MTPV™ works with you to determine the optimum placement of critical power generating infrastructure, balance of systems, and controls. A project plan is jointly developed and mapped to critical site schedules including planned maintenance windows.

Installation & Test: MTPV's expert technicians install the complete EBLADE™ Power Platform solution, deploying our custom designed thermal photovoltaic cells as needed for your specific environment. These modules, arrays, and panels convert your waste heat to electricity. By deploying the energy harvesting EBLADE™ solution in strategic stages in your process flow it may also be used for process thermal management. We integrate the EBLADE™ Power Platform Manager in your existing industrial control systems to make ongoing operations seamless.

Maintenance, Upgrade, & Repair Services

Routine System Maintenance: While the core of the EBLADE™ Power Platform is a power generating semiconductor with no moving parts, routine maintenance of EBLADE™ devices, their balance of systems, and controls is recommended. MTPV's certified technicians validate the physical and electrical performance of all system elements including the thermal photovoltaic cells or solid state semiconductor devices, power generating modules, and EBLADE™ arrays and panels. Housings are inspected and cleaned. Closed loop system cooling is validated and tuned. Control system software is brought up to current revision levels. By following a simple routine system maintenance schedule we ensure that your EBLADE™ Power Platform continues to provide years of trouble-free performance converting your waste heat to electricity while delivering process thermal management capabilities.

Mid-lifecycle Power Upgrades: With ongoing advances in MTPV™ semiconductor technology significant increases in power production are possible within the same physical footprint of our devices, panels & arrays. By upgrading to MTPV's latest thermal photovoltaic cell designs with a simple power generating module upgrade, greater power can be delivered for on-site requirements or to feed back in to the grid.

Professional Repair Services: MTPV's certified professional provide repair services for all EBLADE™ Power Platform components, from replacement of complete devices, panels, and arrays, to individual module level repair and replacement services for our thermal photovoltaic cells, and power generating modules. Repair services extend to our complete balance of systems components and control system.

Managed Services

Proactive Monitoring: With our option for ongoing monitoring and management of the EBLADE™ Power Platform in your environment we can ensure optimum performance of the system at a component level. We review performance of each device, module, and array. We ensure efficient operation of each panel. We monitor all balance of systems elements to ensure reliable ongoing operation.

Energy Generation Services

Power as a Service: A utility power service without the utility - pay only for the power produced with your waste heat. MTPV™ installs the EBLADE™ Power Platform on the client's site, with responsibility for the complete solution as far as the power panel hook-ups. We operate, monitor, maintain, repair and upgrade the system as needed, and bill the client for power consumed.

Power Purchase Agreement: Benefit from the stability of a long term secured price for power at your site. With an MTPV™ Power Purchase Agreement you can plan for your total power costs over the lifetime of the contract and pay a stable monthly cost while avoiding upfront capital expense. Avoid operational responsibility - MTPV™ has full accountability for the installation and operation of the power generating solution. With MTPV's ownership of the EBLADE™ Power Platform at your location, you buy your power directly from MTPV™. And for sites with significant waste streams but limited power needs such as landfills and biomass sites MTPV™ sells the power generated on the wholesale power market.

Power Equipment Lease: Lease the EBLADE™ Power Platform solution to gain long-term benefits of clean efficient power production with tax advantages. Achieve your project objectives without a significant upfront capital expenditure, and upgrade or expand as your needs grow. MTPV's strategic leasing partner is primed to develop the optimum leasing solution for your requirements.

Custom Design & Manufacturing Services

Custom Design Services: Each waste heat environment presents a unique set of factors, allowing MTPV™ to optimize the system design to achieve maximum efficiency and longevity. MTPV™ Custom Design Services deliver to you a tailored device design which incorporates optimized housing materials capable of tolerating the thermal and chemical stresses of your waste heat stream, and unique panel and array form factors to match your physical space constraints. Custom semiconductor design services provide you with optimized thermal photovoltaic cells and power producing modules to be incorporated into your waste heat to energy and process thermal management projects.

Custom Manufacturing Services: In conjunction with MTPV's Custom Design Services, our Custom Manufacturing Services deliver a turnkey solution which delivers deployment-ready thermal photovoltaic cells, power producing modules, and integrated configurations of device arrays and panels. Whether at the component or the complete system level, leverage our extensive experience in managing the manufacture of waste heat to electricity and thermal management solutions for industrial waste heat.

Our success is measured in the realization of client objectives through completed infrastructure installation, ongoing systems management and services delivery resulting in reliable power generation and thermal management.