Electricity production is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, representing one-quarter of global emissions. Two-thirds of global electricity production comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas.

67% of Electricity is Produced Burning Fossil Fuels
25% of Green House Gasses are Emitted Producing Electricity

Every kilowatt of electricity demand removed from the grid has a directly measurable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when replaced with power from a carbon-free source. Off-grid installation, for example replacing diesel generators at a remote site, has an even greater benefit due to the lower efficiency and emissions mitigation technology in diesel power plants. Using waste heat as its energy source, MTPV’s EBLADE™ Power Platform provides clean, emission-free electric power.

Lifetime CO2 Reduction from a 100kW MTPV EBLADE Power Platform Installation

6158Metric Tons of CO2…equal to…
2.6 MillionLiters of Gasoline…which can fuel…
500Car Trips Around
the Earth

Meeting Global Needs

Everyone should have access to affordable, sustainable, and modern energy. The global community benefits from sustainable industrialization and faster innovation through the adoption of clean and environmentally sound industrial processes. With MTPV’s technology, you can take action to reduce emissions and increase clean energy use.

Local, national, and multinational initiatives are supporting countries, industry groups, and individual companies who are committed to improving environmental performance. The investments being made by these organizations, measured in hundreds of billions of dollars annually, clearly demonstrate the need for continued innovation in advanced energy technologies.

Keeping Our Cool

In addition to the impact of greenhouse gasses, a secondary and more local effect known as urban heat islands is easily measurable. These heat islands correlate to population density and industrial activity. In order to mitigate the effects of high-temperature industrial emissions today, companies deploy various techniques including cooling towers, water misting, and powered venting consuming electricity and water.

Lifetime Thermal Emission Reduction from a 100kW MTPV EBLADE Power Platform Installation

8.5 BillionBTUs…which can boil…
24000Metric Tonsof Water

With MTPV’s EBLADE™ Power Platform the temperature of industrial emissions is directly reduced by our direct heat to electricity conversion process, reducing the requirement for further process cooling while delivering clean electric power. Reducing the load on the grid also reduces thermal emissions at traditional power plants.

Stepping Forward

A wide variety of innovative approaches to clean energy generation are required to meet global power demand in the 21st century. Given the vast amount of waste heat available from industrial processes worldwide, the opportunity to harness its energy for clean electric power production is one important step forward in support of that goal.