Around the world, a vast amount of heat energy is wasted on a daily basis. And yet waste heat represents an enormous and nearly untapped source of plentiful low-cost energy. The largest contributions to this potential energy pool come from electricity generation, transportation, and industrial processes. Current approaches to energy recapture are large, costly and complex, so more than 95% of manufacturing waste heat has no energy recovery solution deployed to capture it. The result – most industrial waste heat is allowed to escape into the atmosphere. A new approach is required to address the capture and conversion of this large and valuable energy resource.

60%energy lost as heat
95%waste heat untapped
14GWheat energy waste
15Mhomes powered
*US manufacturing and household energy data


MTPV has developed an advanced technology solution to directly convert heat to electricity. The EBLADE™ Power Platform is our solution to meet the ever growing global demand for electricity, using a 100% clean energy source, while also reducing industrial thermal emissions.

From Steam Age to Space Age

Edison's electric light did not come from continuous improvement of the candle.

Oren Harari

Industrial heat recovery technology has not fundamentally changed over the past 100 years, essentially operating on the same principles as a steam engine. But times have changed, and global energy needs are greater than ever, demanding fresh thinking and innovative approaches.

semiconductor technology

MTPV’s EBLADE™ solutions use semiconductor technology to directly convert waste heat into electricity. Our unique approach deploys photovoltaic chips tightly coupled with emitters to create a highly efficient energy conversion engine that excels in environments where temperatures exceed 600°C – over 1100°F. Future product generations will be effective in temperatures as low as 100°C.

Only Now Possible

To create a fundamentally new approach to electric power generation, MTPV exploits cutting edge advances in the fields of Photovoltaics, Optics, Photonics, Thermal Technology, and Microelectromechanical systems. Now, with the convergence of significant advancements in each of these fields, we have created a game-changing solution for direct waste heat to electrical energy conversion.

The result is the EBLADE™ Power Platform, a solid-state semiconductor based power generation solution with advanced materials capable of withstanding extremely inhospitable environments for many years in non-stop industrial process flows.

Core Principles

MTPV’s system for thermal energy conversion is based on its proprietary micron-gap thermophotovoltaic technology. At its core, an MTPV system maintains a gap of less than one micron between a hot emitter chip and a cooler photovoltaic (PV) chip. The emitter chip is directly heated by the waste heat environment and radiates infrared light to a PV chip. The PV chip converts this radiated infrared light into electric power, similar to how a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity.

The maintenance of the sub-micron gap amplifies the intensity of infrared light that crosses to the PV, greatly increasing energy density while driving down the cost of produced power. Our patented approach to creating and maintaining a sub-micron sized gap at extreme temperature differentials of 1000°C or more is the foundation of the MTPV energy engine.

MTPV Power Corporation has over 85 patents awarded and pending around the world. Our intellectual property development continues to expand in support of our ground-breaking research and development initiatives. If you are passionate about inventing and innovating the next revolution in energy technologies, see our Careers page.

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