Thought Leadership by Terence Simpson

A Distributed Energy Resources Primer

What Are Distributed Energy Resources? Distributed energy resources (DER) are decentralized systems that provide electricity and are located close to the demand they serve. A DER solution can be solely […]

Thought Leadership by Terence Simpson

Building The Team

As one of the new recruits, I am very pleased to share the addition of some new faces to MTPV’s sites in Medford, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas. Our newest full-time […]

Thought Leadership by Colin Lacey

Crossing the 400ppm CO2 Threshold: What it Means, Why it Matters

Colin Lacey, MTPV’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, blogs on the recent news that for the first time atmospheric carbon dioxide readings remained above 400 parts per million for a full year. As power generation is a significant contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions (30% in the US), MTPV’s clean electric power generation technology can help to address this critical issue.

Thought Leadership by Thomas Ortman

“No Machine May Contain Any Moving Parts”*

Guest blogger Thomas Ortman, CEO of engineering company Concurrent Design, walks us through a model of US energy consumption and considers the importance of solid state design in the evolution of machines. He also considers the importance of solid state design in the evolution of all machines in order to yield greater efficiency, reliability, and environmental outcomes.

Thought Leadership by Brian Hubert

Waste Heat 101

Waste heat is a huge element of the global energy equation. Brian Hubert explores the scale, sources and implications of the untapped energy readily available from waste heat.

Thought Leadership by Bob DiMatteo

MTPV Origins

MTPV founder Bob DiMatteo’s recollections on the origins of the company – the discovery and evolution of the micron-gap thermophotovoltaic effect.